Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning is one of the most popular services available to our customers.  We have found that we can deliver the same exceptional results on tiled surfaces, just like with carpets and upholstery.

Is the once stunning kitchen floor now an uninspiring matt finish with dull grey grout?  Is the shower cubicle covered in limescale?

Using  professional high pressure hot water extraction equipment,  The Alternative Cleaning Co can remove most grease and dirt deposits that have built up over time in the tiles and the grout lines.  Even mopping the floor just doesn’t get deep enough to remove the unwanted deposits.

Grout protection when applied at the beginning of the tiles lifespan doesn’t last forever.  Over time the protections wears away leaving grout open to stains, discolouring or damage as a result of water penetration.

Once the tiles are gleaming and the grout lines are free from grime and grease, we also offer to re-seal the grout.  Restoring the protection needed to keep your floors and surfaces staying amazing.

There is no need to scrub away between the tiles with a toothbrush.  Contact us today about Tile & Grout Cleaning and see how we can help your floors look WOW.